An early build of one of our food truck projects.  Notice the stainless-steel cladding on the side.

Did you know we build food trucks & trailers?

At One Fat Frog, we know food trucks have been the next big thing in the restaurant industry since stainless steel. They have low costs and flexibility of both schedule & location.

The Frog is known for building workhorses with a mix of used & new equipment. We also offer a premium package with new equipment, details and gadgets known to trucks few you may have seen!  Our Premium Packages save you $30-70,000.  Our Workhorse Packages start far more affordable.  Each one is a custom build to meet your budget.

It’s not just about slapping a few pieces of restaurant equipment in there either. We’re talking about full conversions–pretty much turning old commercial trucks to a mobile foodie’s paradise.  However, if it’s only equipment you want, we have that too!

There are several stages of the food truck or food trailer build out.  As we move through construction you’ll find our 100,000 square foot facility size allows opportunities you might not see with other builders: ranging from equipment offerings, experienced staff with knowledge of both food trucks and food / beverage equipment.  Additionally The Frog has many departments to serve you from Construction Pros, Parts & Service, Master Level Technicians, Metal Fab, Custom Paint, Equipment Experts & our Finance / Lease Department.

Warehouse Interior View of New & Used Restaurant Equipment - extensive selection & low prices
Warehouse Interior View of New & Used Restaurant Equipment – extensive selection & low prices

When it comes to funding the venture, One Fat Frog has many flexible payment options from cash, to credit, finance/ lease and comfortable payment plans.  Some of our customers choose to do limited stages with the Frog to save money.  Whatever works for you!  Need more info?  Financing Information here. 

We know some customers want to purchase a completed truck and there are good deals out there.  Buying a Completed Used Truck?  TIP:  Be sure your completed truck has been built by a reputable company or is currently licensed in the state in which you wish to license.  If you have a completed truck & only need the Frog to install gas, plumbing or equipment we can help you!

Stages of Food Truck Build out from Design to Completion 

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One Fat Frog ships food trucks & trailers nationally & internationally.
One Fat Frog ships food trucks & trailers nationally & internationally.

Stage 1:   Planning & Design– Initial consult on phone or in person.  At this stage you may already have a truck or trailer, be shopping for one or just dreaming.  Many people choose to bring their truck or trailer directly to the Frog at this stage.  We have expansive private parking on site for trucks, trailers and even buses!

During the planning stage we discuss your business model, equipment needs, look at our extensive selection on the floor, tour current builds, play with floor plans, & do a quote.


Still dreaming- just want an idea how much your dream might take to come to fruition?  Need a quick ballpark of your build out?  No problem, we’d be pleased to give you a rough idea if you’re just in the dreaming/ planning/ might-be-doing/ exploring portion of being a Food Truck Entrepreneur.  Our team is trained to offer money savings options with you.  The Frog is dedicated to saving you money & so that you can make profit earlier!

Initial Demolition Stage of a Food Truck
Initial Demolition Stage of a Food Truck

Stage 2:   Demo– This stage will vary depending on your vehicle.  For some it’s pulling out homemade builds, for others it’s actually installing carriage bolts & reinforcing the food truck/ trailer.


A view from the backdoor of a food truck, stainless
.A view from the backdoor of a food truck, stainless

TIP:  Purchasing a new trailer to use as a food truck?  This is a great idea if you have something to pull it.   Be sure to get reinforced suspension, brakes & a door in the back rather than a ramp.   Buying a used unit and need us to install a door?  No problem!

Want more tips?  Come in & speak with our Management Team.   Let our knowledgeable staff sit down with you.  From marketing, advertising, truck name, equipment placement, kitchen plans to actual building- we’re here for you!

Floors & Walls Up
Floors & Walls Up


Stage 3:  Construction–  walls, doors, ceilings, windows, framing, electric rough (licensed), insulation, gas install (licensed) & propane tanks, water tanks, plumbing.

Interior of Food Truck during Buildout Phase
Interior of Food Truck during Buildout Phase


STANDARD UPGRADE:  ALL Frog food trucks come with Diamond Plate floors!  This is part of both our Premium Package & our Workhorse Package.

Electrician working on Electric Rough in Food Truck
Electrician working on Electric Rough in Food Truck

STANDARD UPGRADE:  When it comes time for electrical, gas & fire suppression, One Fat Frog uses licensed subs to complete the work.  These companies do all of our trucks & we have negotiated great contracts so we pass on our discount to you.  This is part of our Premium Package & our Workhorse Package!

Stainless Wall Work in Food TruckStage 4:  Equipment, Hood & Air Conditioning Install– (licensed)  This may include entire package of new and used or limited equipment- gas, electric & air conditioning unit/s.  Depending on your equipment package this is the time our Premium packages may make any adjustments to plan.

One of our fabricators working on hood installation & air conditioning install.

TIP:  Install of Hood & Air Conditioning may include reinforcing roof.  This depends on quality of your initial vehicle construction and if it’s had any previous retrofit or customization done.

One Fat Frog is gas certified in the State of Florida.  We used licensed electricians and fire suppression professionals to do that work in our trucks.
One Fat Frog is gas certified in the State of Florida. We used licensed electricians and fire suppression professionals to do that work in our trucks.

Stage 5:  Final Walk Through & Punch list– At this stage we power & start up all functions of the construction.  This preview includes power up of all equipment, generators, gas, air conditioning, plumbing and all aspects of the truck with you, & add on any of your last minute details.  Have questions?  At this stage one of our Master Level Technicians & Managers walks the truck with you!

Stage 6:  Truck/ Trailer Possession:  Your new mobile kitchen goes home!

Interior Photo of Frog Food Truck Build Construction Project - Diamond plate floors & stainless walls

Think about adding a tv or audio system to your custom truck or trailer build!

Run your menu on the tv- using great pictures  to increase upselling at events.

Bring us your truck or trailer, get a complete build out, and choose your restaurant equipment in one-stop.  There’s no need to shop for equipment packages, work with builders who may not understand equipment needs when we’ve built thousands of restaurants, bars & bakeries and many food trucks, why not yours?    COME IN! 

See one of our latest completed food concession trailer projects.


From simple in-house financing to think-tank meetings (for those who want to open a food truck but need help how), One Fat Frog can be your destination so you can get your food truck dreams come true.     Past complete build concepts have included:

  •  Juicing/ Coffee Trucks
  • Bakery Food Trucks & Trailers
  • Pizza Food Trucks & Trailers
  • Multi-Purpose Catering Vehicles
  • Falafal / Halal Food Truck
  • Organic Healthy Full Catering
  •  Hispanic Trailers
  • Crepe Trailers
  • BBQ Circuit Trailers
  • Special Event Trailers
  • Catering/ Private Chef
  • Large Scale Crew Feeding Trucks/ Emergency Kitchens
  • Concessions Buses