Product Specifications: Masterbilt 48″ Dipping Cabinets

Right now, we have many items in stock that will allow for maximum productivity in an ice cream parlor. This includes a set of Masterbilt 48″ dipping cabinets. Below are the specifications for Masterbilt dipping cabinets like the models we currently have in stock. -Dimensions (in inches): Length: 48; Depth: 27.75; Height: 50 -Power: 115… Read More

Ice Cream Parlor Equipment List

Much like pizzerias, ice cream parlors never go out of style. Even with consumers making more healthier choices such as frozen yogurt and fruit ice, ice cream still makes up 60 percent of the market. If you’ve been thinking about opening your own ice cream parlor, come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check… Read More