One Fat Frog Website Revamp Coming Soon!

The One Fat Frog internet specialists had a great meeting today. Big things are coming for the One Fat Frog main website, blogs, etc. Our presence on the net is something Boss Frog has always wanted to improve, and now a team is assembled (including myself) that can make it happen. The new site will… Read More

Bad Credit Isn’t the End

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your credit is in rough shape. At One Fat Frog, we understand that things happen. And most importantly One Fat Frog understands that entrepreneurs are risk-takers. Sometimes taking a risk means putting your credit on the line. A large percentage of businesses fail – that’s the economy we… Read More

Info on Co-Signing

Sometime it’s necessary to find a co-signer in order to get approved for finance. This doesn’t mean your credit is so awful you can’t finance on your own, but having a co-signer can help move the process along and make it easier for yourself. A co-signer doesn’t even have to be a business partner either.… Read More