Brand New Coolers & Freezers Available

Loads of restaurant refrigeration equipment awaits you at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment location in Sanford. Just arrived off of the truck are four great pieces of brand new refrigeration equipment: A brand new Blue Air single door cooler that’s stainless steel inside and out! Very easy to clean and maintain is now in… Read More

Fridge & Freezer Master Control Systems

Electronic control panels are pretty standard on commercial coolers and freezers nowadays. But what do they do? Let’s have a look: Control board functions and diagnostics are accessed through a simple button panel display on the front of commercial coolers and freezers. Most of the time, an optional remote panel display is also available. Electronic… Read More

Technical Door Info for Commercial Fridges, Coolers, and Freezers

The doors on commercial fridges, coolers, and freezers are much different than those on standard residential ones. There is a whole world of technical items and workings going on inside and outside the doors of commercial fridges, coolers, and freezers. Here’s a closer look at some of the information on commercial fridges, coolers, and freezers.… Read More

FL’s Largest Selection of Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment

The temperature is gradually dropping here in Florida which reminds me of the huge selection of commercial coolers, fridges, and freezers available now at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment of Orlando. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has both glass and stainless door models available in reach-in and Dutch door styles. Single, double, and triple door… Read More