Standard Sink Features: Used Sinks Now Available

Foodservice sinks are classified by function. There are sinks designed specifically for washing hands, using at bars, filling and draining mop buckets, preparing food, using in conjunction with cooking equipment, and washing pots, pans, and everything else under the kitchen lights. Semiautomatic power sinks use high-powered jets of water of water to clean such items… Read More

Restaurant Equipment Technicians

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only used commercial restaurant equipment dealer in the state of Florida with a large staff of in-house technicians. Other used commercial restaurant equipment dealers may claim that they have a staff of technicians, but they are usually talking about themselves. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment actually has a… Read More

Temperature Features on Walk-In Fridges and Walk-In Freezers

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment of Orlando has a large selection of used reach-in refrigerators and freezers. Each make and model has its own unique features, but there are some standard temperature-related features you should be aware of. Read on for more information Top-end reach-in units are typically manufactured of aluminum and stainless steel in… Read More

Used & New Bottle Coolers Now Available

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has everything you need to open a bar – or upgrade your existing bar. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment gets several truckloads of used bar equipment in every week, including used and new bottle coolers. Here’s a look at bottle coolers. The exteriors of most bottle coolers include attractive, wear… Read More

Used Sandiwch Prep Tables Now Available

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment carries a variety of sandwich prep tables – different sizes and brands are continuously moving in and out of the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Warehouse of Orlando. Some of these sandwich prep tables are known as “mega tops.” This means that they have 50 percent greater pan capacity than… Read More