Opening Up a Restaurant With Bad Credit

Times are tough for entrepreneurs, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment understands this dilemma. You’ve got to take risks to make your way. But when that risk doesn’t pan out in your favor, your credit can take a heavy hit. Don’t let bad credit stop you from from following your dream and opening up the restaurant… Read More

The High Cost of a Liquor License

Earlier today, a night club owner came into the One Fat Frog location in Orlando looking to sell some used kitchen equipment. He explained how he’s converting his full-service kitchen to accommodate a larger bar. Converting to a full bar means a higher degree of liquor license. This could cost about the same as a… Read More

Info on Co-Signing

Sometime it’s necessary to find a co-signer in order to get approved for finance. This doesn’t mean your credit is so awful you can’t finance on your own, but having a co-signer can help move the process along and make it easier for yourself. A co-signer doesn’t even have to be a business partner either.… Read More

Lack of Capital? Finance Through One Fat Frog

Starting up a restaurant can be an extremely expensive venture. Whether you’re opening up a large restaurant or a food truck, One Fat Frog can help finance your business. Good credit or bad credit, One Fat Frog can help. When starting-up it’s important to have a finance manager on your side – someone who will… Read More