Thousands of restaurant, bar, bakery, pizzeria, school cafeteria, hospital & general food service clients trust the Frog with their dream.   For the past decade, the team at the Frog has been fulfilling our mission of offering the best equipment at the best prices- we deliver the dream!   Our core philosophy has never changed- we sell in volume and offer you the savings!  We are known for selling workhorse kitchens & food trucks.  As our owner Connie says, “If it’s big and it plugs in then we have it.  We sell workhorses.  If you’re looking for a Cadillac that’s not us.”  Our team is ethically bound to save you money if and where they can.  We treat you like family and that is why the Frog has so much repeat business.

In the past decade the Frog has grown to offer a our customers a variety of knowledge & service unsurpassed by others in the industry.  Our 100,000 square foot Super Mega Showroom & Warehouse in Orlando FL houses more used & new equipment than anyone out there!  We have master level technicians for hot and cold line, a fabrication department, a paint department, a classroom, delivery team, finance & lease department as well as digital media.

Our owner’s background is education, having worked everything from Chinese restaurant, casino, cocktailing, fine dining, Mexican cantina and more she’s got a lot of experience to offer.  We sit with more startups then anyone else.  We’re going to dialogue with you about your business plan, discuss your location, ask to see your logo and give you feedback if you don’t have a logo, yet.  Get prepared, you’re part of the Frog family and we will stand by you to help you in any way possible.

Let us deliver your dream!