High temp temperature dishwasher warewasher health code

It’s important you pass health code in your area.  Jet-tech high temperature dishwashers are a great way to meet code at an affordable price and with the dependability and speed you need!

See our store for great deals on the F-14 high temperature machine, F-16DP, F-18DP, F-20, F-22, 727, 737, 767 washers.

For price, quality and dependability let One Fat Frog sell you a great Jet-Tech machine for your restaurant, bar or grill!   Perfect for commercial applications and entry level NEW high temp models are available for under $2000!  Yes, we’re talking NEW.

Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for their ongoing commitment to quality and education.

==caveat:  code in each area varies, so be sure to check with your local regulatory organization.

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