Liquidate assets restaurant bar bankruptcy cash flow

We can help you liquidate your business assets FAST!  One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment is an extremely experienced eBay trading assistant who has helped both mom and pop places to Fortune 500 liquidate assets and turn the books around!

Are you having cash flow problems?  Facing bankruptcy?  Get rid of some of that equipment that you’re not using.  Used restaurant equipment does not appreciate.  Yes, it’s just like a car and it will take a loss when you buy it new and take it to your business.  But, unlike the car there is little hope of it becoming vintage and recouping your investment.  Let’s face it, NSF and UL standards change and if you hold on to that used restaurant too long you’ll risk it being obsolete and worthless.

So, for an honest, reliable and trustworthy name in the new and used restaurant equipment industry many businesses are turning to One Fat Frog for liquidation in Orlando, FL and nationwide.  Why?  We’re honest.  And last thing you need is another quick deal from someone who overpromises and under delivers.

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