Branding- step 2: creating a template

As we talked about in step 1, branding on e-bay is a highly visual process.  We previously discussed the importance of creating a userid that is memorable.  Now, let’s talk about a template for your auctions.  There are many great places to create free templates- you don’t have to be a programmer to make it work for you.  (Personally I like to use – it’s free although not so easy to use. Don’t get discouraged there are tons of sites out there and what you need is to find a WYSIWIG – what you see is what you get- editor for easy translation out of computer code and into people-friendly language.)

No, why use a template?  There are a few reasons that I will list below.  I think after reading them you’ll easily agree why spending the initial set-up time is worthwhile.

  1. BRANDING- short and simple- this is the visual cue to bidders that this is your brand
  2. It allows you to save time in future postings by creating a template that has the normal info that doesn’t vary from auction to auction- ie:  shipping, payment terms, etc.
  3. Allows you to use blank space to draw shopper’s eye to different parts of the auction
  4. Will allow you to post pictures within the auction (ie- artists will post a picture of their art work packed).
  5. Will allow you to post links for folks to: add you to their favorite sellers, watch the item, subscribe to your e-mail marketing list (e-bay stores feature)

So, when you start to create the template bear in mind general items such as- does it reflect your userid/ store name with both your logo (if you open a store) and a color that coordinates?

My recommendation is to keep a standard template for all your auctions.  This links your auction for even regular buyers who search you.  Eventually they will stumble upon you again.  This coordinates loosely with the direct marketing RULE OF 8.  A client must come into contact with your brand 8 times before they purchase an item… this is particularly common with large items.  (This may also explain why some sellers, ie- ebay artists will list a number of items in close succession.  It hits the rule of 8 and after seeing a number of items the buyer naturally becomes curious and wants to know about this popular item.)

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