QUICK TIPS recipes Iced Coffee & Frozen Coffee bar

This guide is written courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant & Commercial Equipment, specializing in frozen and iced drinks.  A leader in the used equipment industry, One Fat Frog provides equipment nationwide from New York City to Los Angeles, internationally from Europe to Korea.   In this quick tip sheet we will focus on iced and frozen drinks.  You might be familiar with them from Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts mainstream.  Let’s begin to think of them outside of the box and apply them to your bar or restaurant to increase sales and revenue.  There is, of course, more than one way to make a cuppa coffee.

  • Iced Coffee is cooled coffee served over ice; whereas frozen coffee is served as either a blended or granita ice drink.
  • When making frozen coffee in a granita/ auger machine you must sell the product within a few days or loose the product = less profit.
  • When making frozen coffee in a blender you can make it to order.
  • UPSELL:  put these on your drink menu, in your bar menu and your dessert menu
  • change up your drink by changing the liquid you mix into it:  milk products (whole, skim, goat, high butterfat content milk- half & half or heavy cream or be wild and use low-fat yogurt in your drinks), coffee (decaf, regular, flavored), or water – get creative!
  • use flavored syrups to spice up your drinks- think outside of the obvious vanilla and hazelnut combinations- try raspberry or peppermint
  • use alcohol to upsell:  Frangelica, Kahlua, Baileys, Chambord, Amaretto, flavored rums ‘
  • brew double strength coffee as a base, allow it to cool at room temperature before adding ice
  • try making coffee ice cubes!
  • add milk products last to create a gorgeous marble effect- especially appealing in a glass – this also creates heavier textured drink
  • try to make coffee same day as use so you don’t get gray cloudy looking coffee

Be sure to see other guides by One Fat Frog for information on frozen drink machines (blenders versus augers) and other restaurant guides.  They often have great frozen drink machines and ice shavers and other machines for sale.

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