Structural Concepts Display refrigeration restaurant

Structural Concepts merchandisers and displays have several refrigeration features that make them industry leaders in restaurant and commercial settings.  This FAQ focuses mainly on the Breeze refrigeration system and Clean Sweep system.

  • What are some of the great features of Breeze Refrigeration system?
    • Slide-out refrigeration system:
      • Synthetic hoses replace traditional copper tubing which easily breaks- problem solved!
    • What else does the slide-out refrigeration system allow?
      • Allows for easier cleaning and maintenance- get to parts easier
    • computerized microprocessor:
      • Regulates defrost and temperature, performs diagnostic tests for technicians
    • Clean Sweep System:
      • Cleans condensor coils of cases (50% of service calls are due to dirty coils)
      • Electronically controlled brush mechanism to daily clean condensor coild of dust, debris, etc
        • Allows for proper air ventilation and air flow

These cases are great for upscale c-stores, coffee shops, deli, bakery and similar establishments.

So whether you’re looking for a stylish deli case, bakery case, grab n’ go or merchandiser, Structural Concepts is great value!  Contact One Fat Frog for all of your commercial restaurant, convenience store and grocery needs!

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