Used VitaMix Blenders Available!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has several used VitaMix commercial blenders for sale. VitaMix blenders are extremely versatile and able to handle continuous use and a lot of ingredients and ice at once. These used VitaMix blenders are perfect for cafes, diners, and anywhere else where smoothies and other mixed drinks are served.

VitaMix blenders are capable of combining the most difficult-to-blend ingredients with ease and speed. VitaMix blenders never overblend or waste ingredients. VitaMix blenders accurately measure and dispense ice for consistent drinks. You can optimize a VitaMix blender for the signature drinks of your restaurant. VitaMix blenders also homogenize extra thick ingredients completely for smooth, creamy drinks. VitaMix blenders are very versatile with 93 different speeds to choose from!

VitaMix blenders come with optional applications, including an ice shaver. Speaking of ice, you can add extra ice to a VitaMix blender without trouble. VitaMix blenders will alert you if there is a shortage of ice during busy periods. VitaMix blenders are so dang cool, they will never overheat during peak volumes or when using a ton of ingredients.

The king of blenders? Most definitely. So if you’re in the market for a VitaMix blender, come on down to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has several used VitaMix blenders available, so you can bring one home at a fraction of the cost of a new VitaMix blender!

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