Preventative Tips for Walk-In Units

There are dozens of types of coolers, refrigerators, and freezers for restaurants, each of which One Fat Frog has and knows a whole lot about. We even offer walk-in units as well, which can provide tons of storage of cooked and uncooked products. When you get a walk-in unit, you want to make sure that… Read More

Available: American Range AETG-48 Gas Flat Griddle

One Fat Frog’s warehouse is always full with some amazing used restaurant equipment, and we recently brought in a used American Range AETG-48 gas flat griddle. Here are the specifications on this item: -This unit has a 48″ wide griddle top. The plate is 3/4 of an inch thick and is controlled with a thermostatic… Read More

Bakery Equipment List

One Fat Frog tries our hardest to help all kinds of food service businesses get the used equipment they need. If you currently own or are interested in starting a bakery, here is the equipment you will need to start your business: -To start, you need to be able to keep your supplies properly stored,… Read More

Several Barely Used True GDIM-26 Ice Merchandisers Available

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has an entire warehouse that is packed with great used restaurant equipment, and we’re looking to move out as much as possible in preparation for the move to the larger facility. Among the equipment in our warehouse, we currently have several barely used True GDIM-26 ice merchandisers for sale. These… Read More

NEW Kelvinator KCST48-12 Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables Available

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we have the great pleasure of offering our customers the best used restaurant equipment in the area. Of course, every now and then, we have the even greater pleasure of offering a new item at a price you wouldn’t pay anywhere else. And that time is now with a… Read More

Spec Sheet: Cleveland Double Stack Steamer

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is always happy to offer quality used products at amazing prices. One such item we’d like to highlight is a Cleveland 24CGP10 Double Stack Steamer. Below are the specifications for this item. Dimensions: 65.44 inches high, 34.94 inches deep, 24 inches wide Heat: 240,000 BTU Other Features: two compartments that… Read More

Three Types of Meat Slicers

There are multiple types of businesses that can benefit from having a meat slicer available to them. While the most common might be a deli or sandwich shop, bars that offer food, food trucks, and others can get along better if they have the ability to slice their own deli meats. There are three main… Read More

Spec Sheet: Coldtech JDD-80 Kegerator

We recently had a truck arrive with more used equipment to offer our clients. Among that equipment is a used Coldtech JDD-80 kegerator. Here are the specifications on this unit: -Dimensions: 80.25 inches long, 27 inches deep, 36.4 inches tall, 21 cubic feet (interior) -Power output: 1/4 horsepower, 115 volts, 6.1 amps -Compressor: side-mounted -Other… Read More

The Basics of Tilt Kettles

We have a huge warehouse full of great pieces of used restaurant equipment, including a variety of tilt kettles from top brands like Vulcan, Cleveland, and Groen. While each specific piece has its own difference from the others, here are the basics of what a tilt kettle can offer. These are decided to make large… Read More

Used Refrigerated Prep Tables On Sale

We are currently holding a major sale for a variety of used refrigerated prep tables that we currently have in our warehouse. For those who are unfamiliar with a refrigerated prep table, here are some of the major qualities: -They function as both an area for preparing food and a cold storage unit. -They have… Read More

Specs for a Beverage Air MT12 Glass Door Merchandiser

The Beverage Air MT12 glass door merchandiser is a refrigerator that allows you to keep certain products, such as bottled beverages, cold while allowing customers to see what is available. We currently have a used model available, so here are the specifications of this model in case you are interested in purchasing this item. Dimensions:… Read More

Specs on Lincoln Impinger 1301 Conveyor Oven

We currently have a used Lincoln Impinger 1301 Conveyor Oven available, and we know that there are many businesses out there that might be interested in this unit. In order to help you plan, here are the specifications for this unit. Dimensions: 18 inches tall, 50 inches wide, and 31.38 inches deep Connectivity: Electric Power:… Read More

Buying Guide: Mixers

High quantity mixers are a near necessity for businesses such as bakeries. The ability to mix a lot of dough is important to productivity in the business. Here is some basic information to keep in mind when considering a mixer. -Types of mixers: there are three types of mixers: a planetary mixer (the agitator turns… Read More

Product Specifications: Masterbilt 48″ Dipping Cabinets

Right now, we have many items in stock that will allow for maximum productivity in an ice cream parlor. This includes a set of Masterbilt 48″ dipping cabinets. Below are the specifications for Masterbilt dipping cabinets like the models we currently have in stock. -Dimensions (in inches): Length: 48; Depth: 27.75; Height: 50 -Power: 115… Read More

Convection Ovens Vs. Conventional Ovens

When choosing equipment for your restaurant, it’s important to consider a variety of options to choose the best one for your business. When choosing an oven, there are several out there to consider, with the most common comparison made is between a convection oven and a conventional oven. Here is a list of a few… Read More

Buying Guide: Ice Cream Parlor

When thinking about what kind of business to open in the food service industry, an ice cream parlor might not be the first thought that comes to mind, but it should. It’s a great place to go, the concept writes itself, and they can easily become a popular place to go after soccer games, dinner… Read More

More Used Restaurant Equipment Coming In

Truckload after truckload of used restaurant equipment continues its way into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Here’s a brief look at some of the items we got in this week. A more specific list is on its way: -24″ gas thermostatic vulcan flat griddle -Columbus display bakery case -true t49f freezer -Oliver bread slicer -3… Read More

Rational Oven Accessories; Factory Refurbished Rational Ovens for Sale

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is now  factory authorized liquidator of factory refurbished Rational ovens! These highly versatile ovens are perfect for any high volume kitchen, like cafeterias, cruise ships, school districts, etc. They can cook a ton of food in a very short amount of time, and with Rational accessories, you can do even… Read More

Get Rational With a Rational Oven

With a Rational oven, you can prepare a wide variety of foods in high volume, in a ridiculously short amount of time. And now with a factory refurbished Rational oven from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, you can bring one home for much cheaper than you expected, all while taking advantage of the free services… Read More

Cooking Function on a Rational Oven; Factory Refurbished Rational Ovens for Sale

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is an factory authorized liquidator of factory refurbished Rational ovens! This means that you can get a Rational oven for cheaper than you can possibly imagine, all while taking advantage of the complimentary services One Fat Frog restaurant Equipment has to offer like financing and free delivery! Let a factory… Read More