Used Pass-Through Pizza Oven From APW Wyott

One Fat Frog just got a cool used conveyor oven in stock and we’re excited about this piece of restaurant equipment. This baby is an APW Wyott, model number X*WAV*EZ 1829. We’re selling it at a price ridiculously below value. Seriously, if you come in, look at this conveyor oven and ask the salesperson how… Read More

Master Bilt Ice Cream Dipping Case for Sale

When I was a kid, one of the great pleasures in life was getting to go to the local ice cream shop, where I could walk down the dipping case, checking out the plethora of flavor options, and then decide what I wanted to eat. It was usually some combination that wasn’t standard – a… Read More

Used Hickory Rotisserie For Sale

There is nothing quite like a slow-cooked rotisserie chicken. The tenderness of the meat, the way the seasoning is absorbed as it cooks, it just can’t be beat. Right now One Fat Frog has a great rotisserie oven for sale. It’s a used double stack rotisserie from Hickory and in a word, it’s amazing.

Henny Penny pressure fryer for sale

Look at this Henny Penny pressure fryer. Ain’t she a beauty? Maybe you need to be into fryers to understand. If you’re not, let One Fat Frog educate you about why this pressure fryer is so great. You might be wondering, what’s a pressure fryer and how is it different from a regular fryer? With… Read More

Different Equipment Set-Ups: Firehouse Subs

We at One Fat Frog take a lot of time to observe the restaurant equipment arrangements that many top restaurants have so we can better help you find the equipment you need for your business. One such popular restaurant concept is the sub shop and each one of the most well known has a different… Read More

Used Alto-Shaam Holding Cabinets Available

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we have the great luck of getting some great pieces of used restaurant equipment in our warehouse. Recently, we got a pair of used Alto-Shaam holding cabinets in our warehouse. Alto-Shaam started as a company to help deliver hot food to people in the cold Midwest. Since then, they… Read More

Product Specifications: Masterbilt 48″ Dipping Cabinets

Right now, we have many items in stock that will allow for maximum productivity in an ice cream parlor. This includes a set of Masterbilt 48″ dipping cabinets. Below are the specifications for Masterbilt dipping cabinets like the models we currently have in stock. -Dimensions (in inches): Length: 48; Depth: 27.75; Height: 50 -Power: 115… Read More

FREE Delivery to Jupiter, the Beaches, and Palm Bay!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only used commercial restaurant equipment dealer in the Sunshine State that delivers FOR FREE to nearly all of Florida! On the regular, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment delivers for free to Orlando, Sanford, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, Tampa, St. Augustine, and now thanks to success of these free delivery… Read More

FREE Delivery Routes Are Expanding

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only used commercial restaurant equipment dealer in the Sunshine State that delivers absolutely free to nearly the entire state. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment already delivers for free to several areas like Orlando, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tampa, Gainesville, St. Augustine, Heartland, Lakeland, Lake City, etc., and now One Fat… Read More

Some Used Items Just Arrived in Warehouse

Every week the might One Fay Frog Restaurant Equipment drivers unload a massive amount of used restaurant equipment onto the Super Mega Warehouse on OBT. These pieces of used commercial restaurant equipment come from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment buying entire restaurants that are closing or from people just looking to get rid some of… Read More

1000s of Pieces of Restaurant Equipment for Sale ~ Act Now

Take a look at the lists below. Memorize them, print them out, highlight items you’re interested, and ACT NOW. These are items that are in One Fat Frog’s Orlando and Sanford locations TODAY. Tomorrow will be a different story. Our warehouse and showroom flips week to week so stop in today to make sure you… Read More

Cookshack Restaurant and Catering Classes for October 2011

The Cookshack in Ponca City, Oklahoma still has some spots open for it’s 2011 Restaurant and Catering Class – taking place October 17 & 18. Instructors include Stuart Powell, Cookshack President/CEO, and chefs David Bouska and “Fast Eddy” Maurin. Attendees will learn how to cook championship BBQ from the pros. As well as learning from… Read More

40th Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show on the Horizon

The 2011 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show is being held September 8-10 (Thursday to Saturday) at the Orange County Convention Center. Several seminars and  events are taking place and tons of vendors will be on hand to display the latest in restaurant technology and strategy. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will be there all three… Read More

Jacksonville Area Owners! Free Delivery on August 22nd on Restaurant Equipment

If you are in need of used restaurant equipment for your restaurant come into One fat Frog in Orlando! One Fat Frog has all the new and used restaurant equipment, furniture, and smallwares you need for your restaurant, bar, deli, cafe, food truck, etc. One Fat Frog has free delivery to Jacksonville and the surrounding… Read More

One Fat Frog Website Revamp Coming Soon!

The One Fat Frog internet specialists had a great meeting today. Big things are coming for the One Fat Frog main website, blogs, etc. Our presence on the net is something Boss Frog has always wanted to improve, and now a team is assembled (including myself) that can make it happen. The new site will… Read More

Walk In and Buy a Walk-In

Now available at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is a used Bally 13 x 24 walk-in cooler. Also available are smaller walk-ins in the 6 x 8 range. One Fat Frog’s in-house finance manager is here to help you get the ball rolling and bring home the walk-in you need. Everything in the One Fat… Read More

Squirrel Update #4

Hey folks! Me and Mrs. FourEyedFrog had a little scare the other night with Swan. All day she was refusing her food and not going to the bathroom. Fearing for our littlest munchkin, we took her to the wildlife rescue place that gave them to us. The owner examined Swan and concluded that she was… Read More

Specs on the Lockwood CA67-PF34-CD Proofer

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is frequently getting new and used proofers in stock. Here’s some specs on  the Lockwood CA67-PF34-CD proofer. This one is an economical, non-insulated economy proofer that’s 22 inches wide. Here’s just some of the features: Digital thermometer Temperature adjustable to approximately 160° F Easy to use heat unit with separate… Read More

Walk-In Shelves Now Available

One Fat Frog restaurant equipment just got in a few poxy-coated walk-in shelves. Each has four shelves and measures 78″ tall. The shelves themselves are 24″ x 18″. Perfect for your pizzeria, bakery, deli, etc. As with all of One Fat Frog’s wares, these shelves will be cleaned and examined by our in-house technicians. Stop… Read More