Four Appliances for Cooking Most Anything in Your Kitchen

We at One Fat Frog are always on the look-out for the best used equipment for any restaurant operation. We have a variety of equipment used for the specific purpose of just cooking the food. Here is a list of the most common cooking appliances and how they can be used. -Range/oven: if it can… Read More

The Rational CM101G Combi Oven

We have a variety of used equipment available at One Fat Frog for just about every type of restaurant operation. With a busy kitchen, having a singular oven that can cook a variety of items can be the make-or-break item to help your restaurant’s cooking operation work well. We have an item that is quite… Read More

Spec Sheet: Vulcan “Snorkel” Convection Ovens

In a previous post, you can learn the reasons why convection ovens are quite popular, which is why we at One Fat Frog want to find the best deals on convection ovens and pass them along. Right now, we have a used Vulcan “Snorkel” convection oven available in our warehouse. Here are the specifications for… Read More

Spec Sheet: Lowe Brio 130 Hot Display Case

We at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are always getting great pieces of used equipment into our warehouse. It’s a gift and a curse right now; we are getting ready to move to a new facility, so we want to quickly send items out as best as we can. One item that just arrived is… Read More

Different Types of Ovens

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is committed, as our regular readers know, to finding you and your business the best used equipment for your restaurant. We offer equipment that is used for storing, preparing, cooking, and serving in your restaurant, and it’s something in which we take a lot of pride. Since we have such… Read More

Pieces of Equipment Every Restaurant Needs

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is committed to helping restaurants, bars, delis, bistros, ice cream parlors, and other food service businesses get the top quality used equipment they need to help their businesses succeed. At almost any time, we have every piece of equipment that a restaurant needs to start. While different types of restaurants… Read More

Different Equipment Set-Ups: Firehouse Subs

We at One Fat Frog take a lot of time to observe the restaurant equipment arrangements that many top restaurants have so we can better help you find the equipment you need for your business. One such popular restaurant concept is the sub shop and each one of the most well known has a different… Read More

Getting Ready to Open Three Jacksonville Restaurants

This week alone One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is heading to Jacksonville to help open three Jacksonville restaurants! This is just a normal week for the Frog, where we help Jacksonville restaurants open every week! At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment the selection of used kitchen equipment Jacksonville is tremendous and our free services have… Read More

Structural Concepts Encore Gelato Refrigerated Case

Product information on Structural Concepts Gelato cases with specialized refrigeration and cooling system to hold gelato appropriately Read More

FREE Delivery to Jupiter, the Beaches, and Palm Bay!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only used commercial restaurant equipment dealer in the Sunshine State that delivers FOR FREE to nearly all of Florida! On the regular, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment delivers for free to Orlando, Sanford, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, Tampa, St. Augustine, and now thanks to success of these free delivery… Read More

August 22 – Free Delivery to Jacksonville And Points In Between!

One Fat Frog is making a FREE DELIVERY RUN to Jacksonville and all points in between on Thursday, August 22! If you’re located along the route, purchase any amount of used/new restaurant equipment NOW from One Fat Frog and get it delivered on August 22, FOR FREE! FREE DELIVERY TO: Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine,… Read More

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Dealer in Orlando FL link to main store website for commercial food service equipment Read More

Why Buy From One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment?

Buying used restaurant equipment can be a daunting task. What’s important is finding a dealer who has a good reputation and makes you feel comfortable from the get-go.  If you feel like you’re sitting down with a used car salesman who sells snake oil on the side, then likely you are.  If you feel like… Read More