Taylor Shaved ice frozen drink machine = Island Oasis +

So you want to know more about the new in box Taylor CA4s that we have in stock? Well One Fat Frog can answer all your questions. These are new machines at a fabulous price. Simply put- just are a sweet deal! It seems that Taylor private labeled their machines for another company under the name Frozen Concepts with the model number ABB-1.  The machines appear to be private labelled by Taylor for Frozen Concepts/ Abaca Joe’s.  As the picture below shows a machine that is set up, you’ll notice that they have a four mix dispenser added directly to the front of the machine. They can be used for drinks from frozen Margaritas to morning smoothies.

The machines are a nice countertop size at roughly 19 inches by 16 inches by 35 inches. They are digital and dispense four different drink mixes, allowing combinations within the mixes. The digitalization of the machines allows for drink portions for shaving ice, dispensing flavors and blending drinks; for those of use who still like to go it manual there is also that option. Digital counter calculates servings by per drink flavors dispensed or for number of blends; this is great for calculating cost, profit, loss, etc. The blender motor’s speed can also be varied to optimize beverage consistency. Also the portion controlled ice shaver/ blender allows for consistent quality of your drinks.

This is much like the Island Oasis in that the ice bin is in the back of the machine and the blender is below the hopper. However, the Taylor allows for digital mix dispensing while the Island Oasis needs manual mix.

They are fabulous for the food and drink establishment who wishes to expand and also increase their profits. Perfect for catering! As is the case with our business, we like to pass on the deals to our clients. After all, we would be nothing without our wonderful clients- and honestly we wouldn’t eat dinner most nights without you as we are staunch supporters of eating out!

For our home users, who want a good solid machine for their rec room, for entertaining, for barbecues, these machines are also affordable and dependable machines for home use. Make daiquiris, bellinis, margaritas, rum runners, scorpions, granitas, flavored fruit slushees for the kids.

blender cup: 2 quarts / 1.9 l

ice hopper: 7 gallons / 26.5 l/ 42 lbs / 19.1 kg

flavor dispenser: 2 quarts / 1.9 l

Serving size: 12-18 oz / 355 – 532 ml

Make exotic frozen cocktails & non-dairy smoothies @ your bar, lounge, restaurant, home, wedding

GREAT rental machine- sell customer 4 mixes!

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