Restaurant Equipment Jacksonville Orlando One Fat Frog

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s guide on opening a restaurant in Orlando is a good quick reference guide for business plan writing.  As we buy, sell and liquidate a tremendous amount of used restaurant equipment and supplies in the Central Florida region, let’s focus on Orlando metro area.

When you’re opening a restaurant it’s important to look at your demographics and what you’re selling.  This generation … well, to be honest cooking is a lost art.  So, if you’re looking to the younger generation, you need to sell their food.  If your facility is situated in the midst of an industrial park and your clientele is blue collar workers then you need to gear your hours and menu to their interests.

Special thanks to One Fat Frog for their addition to the guides section of ebay.  They have been trusted ebay sellers for many years and welcome all clients to visit their brick and mortar showroom to see any of the items posted on ebay and fully test them.

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