Starting Restaurant Equipment: Sandwich Shop

Different restaurants have different types of needs as far as equipment is concerned. A sandwich shop is generally pretty simple as far as getting equipment is concerned with a few minor differences depending on the menu. Here are the first pieces of equipment a sandwich shop should need to start.

-Refrigerators: whether it’s a large walk-in refrigerator or several reach-in refrigerators, these are necessary to keep all the ingredients cold, such as the various meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments.

-Prep tables: the size of a sandwich prep table needed depends on the size of the location and the number of toppings you’d like available. Prep tables also tend to have refrigerated units below, so they can double for refrigerators.

-Proofer and oven: the oven is obvious; it’s used to bake bread. A proofer is used to “pre-raise” bread with humidity so it bakes quicker and becomes fluffier.

-Quick oven and panini presses: if you choose to have toasted or pressed sandwiches, these will be needed. Some sandwich shops choose to do only cold sandwiches and it works, so this may not be needed.

-Small steam table: this again is if you have certain hot items such as meatballs or grilled chicken. Again, if you plan on having just cold sandwiches, this won’t be needed.

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